MCFflex Hose Pipe Fitting

MCFflex, is excited to share with it’s valuable customers 50 years of knowledge and experience in production.
In the early years of our company it started with only one lathe machine,from the time of establishment the importance given to quality and the  determination to achieve  the hardest has made in a short time our company to be known throughout Turkey, as we have always followed our principles.

Our company is based on 3000 m2 closed, 500 m2  open area operating on fitting productions, hose tube completions, hose and  tube processing,connection machines production, fittid hydraulic  hose sales,hydraulic,Pneumatic materials import and sales.

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MCFflex with the knowledge of the importance for the use of forward technology,in 1991 added to it’s CNC machine park 0.001mm precision sensitivity CNC machines. Alang to the CNC machines we have  added automatic machines which have expanded our production capacity,leading us to have a large stock range providing it’s customers with reliable available service.

MCFflex in order to serve  the need for quality  high pressure hydraulic hoses in Turkey acquired  in 1993  the Italian origin of Dunlop Hydroulic Hoses Distributorship for Turkey.

MCFflex currently provides to it’s  valvable customers MCF, DUNLOP, SEL and TRANSFER OIL  brands of Hydraulic,Pneumatic and  Industrial hoses and fittings with a very rich range.The companies unchangeable principles  have been always quality, service with a smile, prompt delivery and appropriate prices.Success in production;continuing availability honesty in service and quality principles are always to be today and in future services to all our valuable customers.

We wish to thank for he support and care of all our customers.

MCFflex is a part of GÜVEN İŞ Hydraulic.

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Adress: 100. Yıl Bulvarı No:68 06370 OSTİM/ANKARA
Phone: (+90.312) 385 22 11
Fax : (+90.312) 385 42 85
Email: mcf@mcf